I set up sound systems daily. My setup is tried and true for events ranging from 50 to 500. I am always happy to bring extra speakers and lighting for a little more thump or cater something unique for your event.

I always bring two high quality QSC K12 speakers – these have easily become the new standard in the industry and work great for crowds from 50 to 500. Extra speakers available upon request and these can also be paired with a sub for extra thump at an additional cost.

Any DJ worth the cost will be bringing a mixer with them – otherwise you’re paying for someone to run iTunes or Spotify for several hours. I use a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 most often which allows total control over mixing tunes throughout the evening.

I provide one set of lights that get raised well above the floor to light up the dance floor. Additional uplights available at an additional cost and can double, triple, or do custom lighting options as well.

We’ve all seen it, the mic that cuts out mid-ceremony, or pops consistently throughout a toast. As a former full-time public speaker, I get the importance of technical difficulties not distracting from the words being spoken. That’s why I meticulously test my microphones and do whatever it takes to guarantee your guests receive a clear, clean, and consistent feed from my wireless microphones.

Uplights are available at an additional cost to help transform your venue. 8 fully customizable uplights will help add a layer of detail to your venue that transforms the space as it gets darker.