If you’re hiring someone to be there for your big day, odds are you probably want to know a little bit about them first!

My Simple Philosophy

Who shows up on your big day shouldn’t be a surprise. They should know what they’re doing.

I have worked in the wedding industry for almost five years and feel like I have seen it all. From six-figure weddings to backyard DIY weddings, music is universal – your guests want to dance and a DJs job is to keep the evening flowing. This means make transitions clean, read the crowd, and meet people where they are at. Everyone has seen an awkward or pushy DJ, a DJ who takes the mic hostage all night, and one who rented speakers and just puts on a Spotify playlist.

You deserve better.

The DJ serves as the host of the evening, the timekeeper, and the party-starter. Trust someone who spends 6/7 days of the week on a microphone speaking to thousands of people every week. People will remember the music and the dance, make sure they remember it for all the right reasons.

What else is there to know?

My Time

  • Fitness
  • DJing
  • House Projects
  • Netflix
  • Being a Social Human

Life is good! There are plenty of things I do that keep me busy but a few of my favorites revolve around being active and social. I started going to the gym in late 2018 and have been a committed gym rat ever since. It has been a great gift to be able to see myself hit goals along the way.

I am a Netflix binger who loves finding a good show and watching the entire series entirely too fast. A few favorites for me: The Office, Parks and Rec, Patriot Act, and more.

I purchased a home a few years ago and have been slowly renovating the space while living in it! I have done projects ranging from painting walls to redoing all the plumbing in the house. I also Airbnb my home when I travel for work.

DJing is obviously a priority of mine and there are lots of things I do behind the scenes to help run my business. While the obvious work is what most folks see at weddings and events year round – there is tons more to be done. Scouring playlists, finding the best music, creating custom cuts of songs for folks and putting together mixes are just a few examples!

Everything else ranges from being an uncle to my newborn nephew, Theo, and enjoying trivia with friends.

My Style

I have worked as a public speaker for over 4 years and have seen countless DJs operate as the evenings hype-man from the moment they start playing music. My approach is a little different. Energy and mic presence have a place, but guests don’t need to be told to constantly “put your hands up” all night.

I believe the only time the mic should be in my hand is when I have something important to convey to the guests. Whether it’s vital information about a shuttle, the arrival of the Bride and Groom, or just a friendly reminder to find a seat, the DJ and host of the night shouldn’t make the evening about them.

As far as musical styles, I love all genres and often showcase that at gigs. I enjoy playing anything from Motown classics to new electronic dance. I aim to please and try to hit as many genres as possible to keep all your guests entertained. That being said, all events are different and if you want nothing but throwback hip-hop I am happy to oblige.